Double Taxation Agreement with Bangladesh

3. For the purposes of this Article, `dividends` means income from shares, mining shares, start-up shares or other rights other than claims on profits, as well as income from other company rights which, under the law of the State of residence of the distributing company, is subject to the same tax treatment as income […]

Does Nh Require an Operating Agreement

What information is required on the booking request form? Each LLC in New Hampshire must elect a registered agent, which may be a resident of the state or a legal entity operating in the state. The obligations of the registered agent are to accept delivery of disputes and state filings on behalf of the […]

Do You Need to Initial Each Page of a Contract

Does initialization still make sense in the era of digitization of contracting processes? Has it ever been helpful in that regard? Is there a digital alternative to initialize Documen If the contract has gone through a series of negotiation rounds or revisions, don`t just assume that the copy presented to you for signature is […]

Do Contractions Go Away and Come Back

Regular contractions may mean that your uterine muscle is tightening (Braxton Hicks contractions) or that you are in labor. It can be difficult to tell the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and real contractions. If there is no doubt, call your doctor. Braxton Hicks contractions can be described as a tightening of the abdomen […]

Difference between Forward Rate Agreement and Forward Contract

By evaluating the difference between investors who determine the value of a stock. The FRA determines the tariffs to be used as well as the date of termination and the nominal value. FRA are settled in cash with the payment based on the net difference between the contract interest rate and the market variable […]

Denied Rental Agreement

As a landlord, I would be reluctant to accept rent for an entire year. What happens if the tenant ends up violating the lease? It would be harder to get them to move legally because they have already paid in advance to live there. While it may seem beneficial to look at as many […]

Define Verbal Contract

The offer or counter-offer must then be accepted. Acceptance takes place when a party agrees to be obliged to comply with the terms of the offer. In an oral contract, acceptance can be as simple as saying something like: For a contract to be valid, it must contain all the essential elements of a […]

Debt Assignment and Assumption Agreement

(7) Assignment of part of the debt. If the purchaser assumes only part of the debt in question, check the “Share” box. In addition to this selection, specify the dollar amount that the accepting party pays to the creditor to settle the portion of the debt held by the debtor. The terms of your […]

Customer Care Agreement

B. “Customer Support” means routine responses to questions, bug fixes, and maintenance changes requested by Customer by telephone, email, or email system in the Software and provided by Patriot Software during normal business hours, unless patriot has agreed otherwise in writing. Customer support does not include programming, detailed or specialized maintenance, provision of enhancements, […]

Credit Agreement Compliance Certificate

Make a limited payment, with the exception of limited payments to the guarantor of excess cash after payment of debt service and other amounts paid or payable by the borrower only during the period of operation, provided that, at the time of such limited payment (on a pro forma basis), the borrower complies with […]